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Preventative Care Plans

Preventive care is vital for the overall health for your pet. Providing the needed vaccinations, exams and tests ensure your pet's health and greatly increase the chances of finding any potential issues early for better outcomes and lower costs.

As part of our ongoing commitment to improving and extending the bond our clients share with their pets, we are
offering preventive care plans for pets of all ages. This makes it as easy as possible to provide optimal care from the
time your pet is a puppy or kitten into their senior years. Below are our core beliefs regarding preventive care plans:.

Wellness Plans: Services
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Proactive Care

A schedule of essential diagnostic screenings, vaccines, and treatments keeps your four-legged friend on a healthy path.


Confused about what’s right for your pet? Wellness plans and pet insurance may seem similar, but they’re not.

Wellness plans cover routine preventive
care, just like the annual checkup you get at the doctor. By design, the plans help to proactively prevent health problems and catch illnesses early - when they’re easiest to treat and less of a hit to your wallet.

In contrast, pet insurance is a healthcare policy to protect you against the risk of unexpected costs. Insurance can reimburse you for services like emergency surgery or costly treatments, sparing you from making tough decisions about your pet’s health and longevity.

Wellness plans and pet insurance go hand in hand. Choosing both means always saying “yes” to the very best healthcare for your pet.

Our Preventative Care Wellness Plan vary by location, but most a similar to what is displayed here.  To see more detail by location and to Pre-enroll visit one of the sites below:





Orem - Coming Soon


Malad City

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