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Frequently Asked Questions

Payment Plans

Veterinary care can be expensive especially during an emergency.  Have a plan to pay for your pet's care in case of an emergency.  The most important thing when trying to decide what you can and can't afford is to communicate with your veterinarian.  If there are issues with cost other treatment plans can be offered that fit within your family's pet care budget.  Canyon View Cares offers multiple options to pay for services including accepting all major credit cards, wellness plans, CareCredit (A pay over time credit card with an recurring credit limit), and ScratchPay (one time loans for veterinary care). 

Why does my pet need an exam before getting medications or vaccines

Not only are exams important for your pet's health they are also legally required. In order to make sure your pet is healthy enough for vaccines and treatment it is imperative that the veterinarian performs an exam.  Without physically seeing the pet it is difficult to prescribe the right treatment.  To make sure we aren't harming your pet we require at least an exam within the past year to prescribe any medications or perform any vaccines or other treatments.  Utah law that the practice of veterinary medicine is only done with a veterinarian-client-patient relationship and that this relationship cannot be by solely telephone or electronic means.  A veterinarian-client- patient relationship is established by "recent personal examination of the animal."  At our practice, in most cases, an annual physical examination of the pet is considered "recent."

What's the difference between an wellness plan and pet insurance?

Confused about what’s right for your pet? Wellness plans and pet insurance may seem similar, but they’re not.

Wellness plans cover routine preventive care, just like the annual checkup you get at the doctor. By design, the plans help to proactively prevent health problems and catch illnesses early - when they’re easiest to treat and less of a hit to your wallet.
In contrast, pet insurance is a healthcare policy to protect you against the risk of unexpected costs. Insurance can reimburse you for services like emergency surgery or costly treatments, sparing you from making tough decisions about your pet’s health and longevity.
Wellness plans and pet insurance go hand in hand. Choosing both means always saying “yes” to the very best healthcare for your pet. Learn more on our wellness plans here. 

What services do you offer?

Canyon View Cares provides general veterinary medicine including examinations, wellness and preventative care including vaccinations, sick and injured patient diagnostics and treatment, diagnostic imaging including x-ray and ultrasound, general surgery including spays, neuters and some orthopedic procedures, and referrals to veterinary specialists when necessary to multiple species of animals. Visit the locations page to see what types of pets are treated at each clinic. We also offer grooming services for cats, dogs and some exotic pets.  Boarding is available for cats and dogs in our Perry and Orem locations only.  If you have any questions please call, we are happy to get you the information you need. 

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