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Privacy Policy

Your personal information and pet’s medical record is completely confidential and protected by law. According to Utah’s Veterinary Practice Act (§ 58-28-605) on veterinarian-client-patient confidentiality, Canyon View Cares may not disclose information on our care of an animal to anyone other than the client, as defined in Section 58-28-102, unless:

  • The client consents to the disclosure in writing;

  • Disclosure to public health officials, animal health or welfare officials, agricultural authorities, or federal, state, or local officials is required, or necessary to protect the animal or to protect public health;

  • Disclosure is required by court order or subpoena; or

  • The client has placed the veterinarian's care or treatment of the animal or the nature or extent of injuries to the animal at issue in a civil or criminal proceeding. 

Canyon View Cares takes the confidentiality of your personal information and your pet’s medical record very seriously. We do not and cannot release this information without your express written consent. Consumer information is not shared with third parties for marketing purposes. At times we may share your information with our partners to enhance your veterinary experience. These partners are contracted by us and use/follow the guidelines we set forth in regard to confidentiality of your information. These partners are hired by Canyon View Cares to provide specific client services and will never use your information for their own purposes. In the case of microchipping your pet, certain personal information and your pet’s name will be released to PetLink to register your pet with their pet recovery database. At times we may release test results or diagnoses to research organizations to better the veterinary field and treatment regimes, but in no way will identifying or personal information be released.

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